“And he relates a lot back to Barcelona”-Omar Gonzalez on Bob Bradley

Granted we won’t have Messi, or Xavi lining up this weekend to play against Chile, but if Bradley is telling our boys to play with half the composure and structured passing of recent Catalan teams we could see a very significant improvement. Soccer is a simple game and one of the most important things isĀ passing and retaining the ball, which has been a fairly significant problem for us recently. Many reports have said that, at least for the January Camp, Bob Bradley has stopped focusing on physical fitness and started focusing on mental fitness. Dax McCarty was quoted as saying that he had begun to realize that “guys who are taking too many touches and are just trying too hard usually don’t play as well as they are capable of.” It’s very true, put simply you can’t run as fast as you can pass the ball. This game is an opportunity to show off for most of the players here, but a simple lesson that can be learned from Barcelona is that the better you pass the ball, the more you will have the ball; the more you have the ball the more likely you are to impress and more importantly to win.

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