Red Jersey’s For Gold Cup!

“There will be a third kit for Gold Cup this summer as confirmed by Gulati hollering back to his marketing team in the back of the room for confirmation. It will be a red jersey.”-  The Shin Guardian

According to this article about a conference which USSF did for a few select fans and TSG (which is very cool, and if you want to read about it click the link, I recommend you do,) but the issue at hand here is that we have red jerseys for the Gold Cup. The supporters groups, at U.S. Soccer games will again match the team they put on the field. They wore Red Jersey’s  most recently in 2006, but 1998 and 2000 also saw Red Jersey’s. before that there was the 1994 jersey, which I guess would technically be a red kit. Of course before then they hadn’t been used since 84, so it was news when they showed up. Apparently they’re back now, as a third kit, and hopefully look good and stay around. Presumably the Red Kit will look like the one that they announced before the World Cup, but haven’t worn yet, which is the image above.

>>For a solid history of USMNT Jersey’s check out It’s a little old so it’s not up to the most recent jersey’s, but it’s very cool nonetheless.

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