A Conversation With Sunil Gulati

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The Shin Guardian got an interview with USSF President Sunil Gulati, who specifically talked on the Striker issue which has caused so much of a fuss in recent years. Jozy Altidore is not a terrible player, he may not be a great player, but just because he hasn’t scored in 7 World Cup games doesn’t mean he is completely incompetent. Of course Gulati talks on other subjects too, all equally worth reading about.


TSG: A striker got fouled this evening [Juan Agudelo against Chile]. A striker scored [Teal Bunbury]. Much has been made about that a US striker has not scored at the past two World Cups.

But then you look at a country like Paraguay. A very successful country on the international front.

For the past two World Cups they had less collective goals than the US and a striker only scored one of them.

Do you think the US striker situation is scapegoated a little too much?

SG:  I think when you talk about a total of seven games it is a very small sample size.

We won our group without having a forward score so there is obviously other ways to win games.

Clearly you would like the players up top to help in that area and I’m sure they’ll help in that area in qualifying.



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