Weekend Update

I’m gonna be away from my computer for most of this weekend so I probably won’t be doing much updating of the site until Sunday night, but for those interested in continued reading here are a few sites that I’ve read that I can’t write much about that are definitely worth a read, I’ve been posting them on the Facebook page for a while now and will probably continue to do so. Anyway here are the links and I’ll be back on Sunday.

Traditions and the Individual Superstar



Clint Dempsey’s statistics from ESPN. He’s got 9 goals in the EPL this season, tied with Brian McBride for most EPL goals by an American player in a single season. Of course Dempsey’s still got a big chunk of games left to play. I fully expect Dempsey to also beat out McBrides American record of 44 EPL career EPL goals.


Vancouver Whitecaps and USMNT player Jay Demerit doing something interesting


Why the disorganized playoff and schedule announcement is bad for MLS


Soccer By Ives preseason training camp review for the Union


Why stat-tracking (more importantly the clandestine way it is done in comparison with the Sabremetrics revolution in baseball) is bad for soccer, its fans, its players, and even the teams.


And lastly a write-up on the Unions growing Academy system, which is run very interestingly.

Have a good weekend. Hopefully some of you still come back to read next week.

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