Friday Football Links

A few interesting things going on this past week that I hadn’t really heard all that much about anywhere else. Of course as usual theres a billion pounds of Cosmos news that I tried to cut down. I also tried very hard to stay away from posting 8 more Charlie Davies stories seeing as little to no new information has come out of DC. Anyway here are some of the most interesting articles I read over the past week.

The primary reason New York doesn’t deserve a second team: Cruyffbots and the Syndicate

And of course, for equal time purposes, an interview with Eric Cantona playing trumpet

PPL Park has received the William H. Bates award. “The award, named in honor of the late Chairman of Commission, is given annually to publically acknowledge outstanding land development projects in Delaware County.”

A map of the recent highs and lows of Jonathan Spector

MLS and FSC ┬ádon’t get along all that well, but hopefully they can sort things out

The MLS Don (Garber) has a convo with Fanhouse

Apparently Zach Pfeffer is expected to actually get some significant playing time this year

Justin Mapp, along with the rest of the world, thinks that the Union will be better this year

Apparently Sepp Blatter is working on concocting a new way to resolve ties, not involving PK’s.

Pre-Algarve Cup reading for the USWNT

Also FIFA says no to the current goal-line technology

FIFA will announce how many spots each Federation gets in the 2014 WC next week sometime.

Why the DP Salary concept leads to bad team chemistry and psychology

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