Beckham in a Phils Hat?

I’ll readily admit that I totally stole this from the700level but the pictures in this article are so strange. Apparently David Beckham was photographed at his kid’s karate match(?)in a Phillies hat. This obviously won’t blow up the way Plaxico did, which is good, but nobody really knows where he’s going. The Union did have a lot of trouble on set pieces though.

Of course I’m mostly kidding it’s presumed he’s goin back to the EPL, staying with the Galaxy or going to a few of the other teams he’s been mentioned with. The Union aren’t one and neither is any other MLS team. It wouldn’t make sense for him to sin with any MLS team except the Galaxy really.

On a side note, because I assume most of my “readers” also are Phillies fans, I can’t begin to comprehend why someone like David Beckham would be wearin a Philllies hat. It’s so wierd to root for a baseball team that wins things and has stuff like this happen. I feel like a Yankees/Red Sox fan and it makes me feel oh so dirty. Why would David Beckham be wearing a hat that has been worn by guys like John Kruk,  Lenny Dykstra and David Bell? I really can’t make sense of that at all.

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