Now To Let Everyone Else Speculate

There’s been a lot of noise around my latest post on a quote from a friend that the Union will be host to the MLS All-Star Game this year. The idea isn’t really a surprise to anyone as it had been mentioned as one of four potential host cities a few months ago, but there hasn’t been an announcement. I took the texts from a friend and decided to put them up here because I trust his judgement and know that he does hold the position he told me. If I were reading the article that I wrote, I wouldn’t trust it either to be totally honest. I believe him and have already had conversations about wo would be interested in going to the gam, but if I lived farther away I wouldn’t be ordering plane tickets just yet.

I had two intentions writing that post, first putting out the information I have and making sure that the way I wrote it carried just as much doubt as I had about it. I’m far from sure it’s true. I only had very little information, but I knew that a lot of people would love to have that information.


I haven’t seen much official acknowledgement of this, but Daily News writer Kerith Gabriel tweeted that it was false. I guess we’ll find out eventually.

sprtswtrKerith Gabriel

@PhilaUnion fans: you are going to read a blog post that says your team was awarded the 2012 MLS All-Star game. As of now, that is FALSE.


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